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WCL now offers a full line of services for self-publishing authors. We will help you prepare your book for Amazon (Kindle and softcover), Lulu (hardback, softcover, and paperback), or we can help you with selling your book in epub format on your own website (and if you need your own website to sell your books, then we can do that, too). We can help with the whole process, from creating custom-designed bookcover artwork (or helping you to use the pre-formatted bookcovers offered by Amazon and Lulu), to formatting your book (Amazon, Lulu, or your own epub version), to designing your own website so that you can sell your book in your own store and keep all the profits. We’ll help you take it to the next level through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Our services are reasonably priced for the independent, self-publishing author. You write the book…and we’ll help you do the rest. Read More...

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The Belial Children
Recruit: A Belial Series Novella
The Belial Ring
The Belial Library
The Atlantis World
The Atlantis Plague
The Atlantis Gene
An Arranged Marriage
A Second Chance
Settling the Account
Mud and Gold
Sentence of Marriage
The Winter Witch
The Registry
The Legacy
The Resistance
Sisters' Fate

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Can I and How do I Reuse My WordPress Content

How do I? Find the blog posting you want to repost at the top of your blog news feed then click edit. On your blog post find the publish section. Inside this section you will see “Published on” followed by the date click Edit next date. This will open a box. Change the date to that date you wish to have the post republished, click update


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Free Online Phone Numbers with Voice Mail

I have my business phone number on my website and I get a lot of phone calls from telemarketers who have combed the internet looking for phone numbers. To solve this problem, I want to place a free phone number to an online voice mail on my web site then give my clients my personal business phone number. K7  offers a free phone number, personalized voice message and fax as…

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Why and Who is my target audience?

hy do I need a target audience? Because there are a zillion websites online and unless you have a large advertising budget to spend on online advertisements you need a way to get people to your website.

Who is my target audience? Your target audience is of course related to what your web site is about. More importantly, “who” are those people who have no idea your website exists but are searching for information related to your website.

Let’s put this into a real world example to help you understand.


Do I need to create blog categories?

Here’s a real world comparison: You visit a new grocery store for the first time, you have no idea where anything is and of course you don’t want to have to walk down every aisle to pick up a loaf of bread. Logically you know that items like white and wheat bread are in the same aisle…

Without the signs and labels in the store you would easily became frustrated and left the store. The same applies to your website, without categories and subcategories to direct the person to the information they are looking for, they will get frustrated and leave you web site.


What is Website Ranking?

Imagine you’re at a networking business event where everyone is sharing business cards. While at this event you are talking to someone who is looking for a photo organizer to organize their photos. You remember you have a business card of a photo organizer which you felt was very knowledgeable about photo organizing. You give the person who you are talking to the photo organizers business card. That “action” of sharing a business card is comparable to linking to someone’s website. Except on your website you only link to websites that will provide your target website audience with useful information.


Do I have to write a blog to promote my business?

Many of my clients want a business website using WordPress software because they’ve heard WordPress is the best type of website to have. However …. If crawling a web site has lost you, think of the old video PacMan eating the little yellow dots, search engines are PacMan and your website information is the little yellow dots. You have to find a way for your website to provide those little yellow dots for the search engine to eat.


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Facebook: Need Followers? Get Perception!

Often my clients ask me how to get facebook likes and followers. They have a business facebook page but they have no idea how to get people to read their postings and follow their page. These people are often very busy business people and simply can’t see the point of making time to post on facebook if no one is reading what the wrote. Today I will explain how facebook works.

I have a facebook that is a year old and has 1562 followers the last time I looked ( December 2014 ). This is a business facebook page but the topic is not about my 3D graphic business, persay. I use several types of 3D …


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How many social media sites do I need to use?

I often have clients who think they must use every social media site to promote their business and/or web site. They don’t know why they have to use so many social media sites except that the unknown “they” said you have to use every social media site. The unknown “they” is often someone spreading this myth in hopes of drumming up business for their social media business and/or service. My advice to clients is that we need to talk about the reality of social media and their lives. What social media site best fit your lifestyle. A few of the questions I ask my clients are: Are you someone who takes a lot of pictures with your cell phone? Do you spend your evening with a tablet on your lap…

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Premium or Free WordPress Plugins?

Premium or Free WordPress Plugins? A plugin is an add-on function for wordpress blog software. For example, if you wanted to run classified ads then you would need a classified ads plugin. If you wanted to run a store then you would need a shopping cart plugin. I allow my WP Indiana clients to pick their own plugins. I use both premium and free plugins with my managed wordpress hosting service. After endless hours of research I have picked a group of premium plugins for my clients to pick from but occasionally they want a plugin function that is not on my list and they want to search and other sites for plugin list themselves. My advice is when searching for a plugin is: To read the description very…

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