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Authors Service

Author-Clients: Please visit WCL's full line of services for self-publishing authors. We will help you prepare your book to sell on Amazon (Kindle and softcover), Lulu (hardback, softcover, and paperback), or we can help you with selling your book in epub format on your own website. We also offer services to create a 3D graphic bookcover, spine, and inside flaps that will be unique for your book.

WordPress Services

WP (wordpress) Indiana clients: Please visit our WordPress management hosting services for packages and premium plugins list. Packages start as low as $250.00 for domain name setup, wordpress installation, setup, design, and weekly backup. Payment plans available.

Video Services

Video clients: Please visit Video Productions by WP Indiana. We offer a full line of affordable services for the average person for production,filming, filming, and editing, as well as social media video promotion. Payment plans are available.

Geek for Hire!

Current Projects WCL is working on:

  • Music Videos: filming, editing, WordPress web site, and social media promotion.
  • EBooks: single books, book series, including creating book covers, WordPress website with weekly updates, and blog posts, along with social media and video gallery.
  • Discussion Videos: Creating for WordPress web site.
  • Helping a Teacher: Creating a WordPress educational book review web site.
  • Teaching: “How to Run Your WordPress Site” classes at local businesses.

Contact Kimberly the Wise Computer Lady  ~ Geek for Hire!

Call Kimberly's Office at  (317) 762-4319. This will ring into my voice mail service if I’m not available, please let your name, number and a message. I will call you back for my private number for clients which has a  Danville 745 prefix.  Thank you

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